Good Dads and Good Fathers: We Need Them More Than Ever

Remember the line of the old song: We're poor little lambs who have lost our way. I can't help but think that this describes most people in the United States today.

We have lost our way. Our families are falling apart. The schools are abysmal. Many people are eating wrong food. Many people are basically misguided.

Unfortunately many do not even know they are misguided. Their authority is no longer dad or husband, or even grandfather and grandmother. Their authority is some other entity, some borg, some big impersonal thing working from its hidden abode, directing educators, experts, bureaucrats, and whatever strangers are now our authority.

Mom and dad, a good dutch uncle or someone with years and wisdom that the family has known for decades used to be our authority. They were real, personal, and though they had feet of clay like everyone else, they were honorable.

Now our authorities are strangers. Who knows what kind of private lives they live and who knows what they say when not in their office or before the camera. Even the educator is a stranger. We see them on stage, in front of the group or in their uniform. But we know nothing about them or what agenda they may secretly have.

It's sad really. My heart goes out to mothers who really and truly have to work, and who don't have a good mom or sister to leave the kids with. Instead she has to leave them with strangers.

So we are misguided and lost. Just because some expert said so, we leave the children with strangers. Just because some stranger said so, we don't get married. Or perhaps we turn our nose up on just being a mom, because a stranger said so. And just because some stranger said so, we're sure a pill is the answer to our problem.

We do a lot of things because some stranger who claims to be an expert said so.

We do what the experts say to do, and when many many things go wrong in our lives, we are even more lost than before.

If only father were strong and wise. If only he was the wisest person you knew. If only he were not himself a victim. If he were strong, courageous and graced with more understanding than anyone else in the world, then you could lean up against father and feel secure in his presence. You could ask his advice and he would help guide you to happiness, success, health and joy. If only His authority was infallible reason and love flowing through an inner bond with the Creator.

If only your husband were strong, and full of love. If he was a man of impeccable honor, virtue, wisdom and patience. You could look to him instead of strangers. The family would be safe and secure. All would be happy.

Men, can't you see that your wives and children need you to be that man? If you are not the wise and just authority, they will look to others. They need you to be strong and to reach within to find the grace and wisdom that you will need to lead your family. You must be the Moses for your family. Your family needs you to be stronger than the world.

It's time for the men of America to step up. But don't wait for others to do so first. They may never. And don't look to your wife, support groups or other men to reassure and mother you along the way. Be a man and cry out to God. On your knees before the Father within. But stand tall before others. Set a good example. Don't look for approval. Don't try to win a popularity contest. Be the man your family needs. Suffer alone. Be cheerful and light hearted. But put principle first. Finally, don't pressure or force anything on others. First make sure you are right, then let your authority be patience and wisdom out of love and understanding.

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