Two Poems about Love

The Grass is Not Always Greener
by Roland Trujillo

I resented my mate,
Even at times a little bit of hate.
My partner did so many  things
To irritate me
That I decided it was time to flee
And look for greener pastures,
No more "happily ever after."

But then I encountered someone who was really a disaster,
Smarmy and charming, who swept me off my feet
but soon I saw a dark side--selfish and a cheat.
And I began to see
My partner isn't that awful after all.
I began to stop resenting
And lo and behold
I no longer felt like venting
And my heart was no longer cold.

Love is Sweet but Hate Spells Defeat, 
(and Never the Twain Shall Meet)

by Roland Trujillo

The song says love and marriage
Go together
Like a horse and carriage.
If so, why is marriage so disparaged?

A marriage of two selfish people
Will not be good
When both partners brood.
Even if the wedding was under a steeple.

But don't worry,
And don't be in a hurry.
We're all a bit selfish before we grow,
That's what lifelong learning is for.

So if you feel there is something missing,
Start by being more forgiving.
No one is perfect, least of all you.
He chose you, but you chose him too.

You knew he wasn't perfect way back then,
And now you want to start all over again?

Think a new partner will be any better?
You'll say Swiss and he'll say cheddar.

"Mirror, mirror, square or round,
Who's the fairest one in town?"
It isn't you, and you know it's true,
If you are resentful and wear a frown.

"But I'm always nice
and helpful as can be.
I'm always doing for others,
I'm busy, busy, busy."

Yes, but under all your doing,
Resentment is stewing.
When you go the extra mile,
You secretly judge others
for not appreciating you.

While on the surface you wore a smile,
Underneath your resentment grew.

To make unhappiness go away
And start feeling better today,
Here's how to start--
Wear a smile on your heart,
Not just on your face
Then you'll always walk with stately grace.

Don't be like the circus clown
Who smiles but is secretly wearing a frown.
When you are smiling inside
You won't even remember why you cried.

To forgive is to forget.
You're asking how to forgive, I bet?
The answer is easy--
Just remember to no longer resent
And you'll wonder where the bitterness went

When you remember to be more forgiving,
There won't be any misgiving,
And you'll give thanksgiving
For the joy you will be feeling.
No more tired and blue,
And your husband will notice it too.

Everyday is a holiday cruise
And you won't have the blues
When to be more forgiving you choose.

My Partner and I Have Nothing In Common 
by Roland Trujillo


My partner and I have nothing in common
I think we have finally hit rock bottom
He says yes and I say no
I say fast and he says slow.

I disapprove of what he does
I say "why'd you do that," he just shrugs and says 'cause.

I like long talks and moon lit walks
He watches sports and eats right out of the box

I want to go on a cruise
He would rather stay home and snooze

We just don't have anything in common
I think we've hit rock bottom


I'm the husband of her
And I would have to say I heartily concur.

She's moody  but says everything is fine.
So I go to the game and she says I neglect her all the time

Everything I say is wrong
She even says my pauses are too long

I like thin socks so she gets me wool
I like the house warm, and she keeps it cool.


Okay, okay you guys. Let's call a time out
Otherwise to get a word in, I will have to shout

If you think you have nothing in common with each other
I assure you that you would have even less with another.

You balance each other and keep each other from snoring
If you agreed on everything, it would be totally boring,

Enjoy the things you like
And let him enjoy the things he likes

Go to lunch with your friend
And be glad he watches TV instead of going out to spend.

Give him some space,
Resenting him is a waste

Get some good books and take some classes
Be glad he is boring and not making passes

Okay, he's not perfect,
But neither are you.
So enjoy the quiet moments
And relax a little too.

And you,  hubby, she's right
You are getting a little chubby.

Now that you are older
Instead of clamming up and giving her a cold shoulder
You must speak up for yourself and be bolder,

But with firmness, and kindness, and patiently.
In short, you must become more fatherly.

If she disapproves of everything you say
It shouldn't bother you in any way.
Just be be long suffering, patient and kind
And never you mind
If she does something naughty today

It's your job to be thoughtful and wise.
Even if she gets you socks the wrong size
Have a twinkle in your eye
And give her a hug before you say good bye
And instead of frown, put a smile in every hi.

Life is short, not long
So sing a happy song.
She is staying with you
And putting up with you too.

And as for you, young lady,

Don't secretly judge everything you see him do
He'll give up and get lazy, and you'll start to sound crazy

Sometimes defer and let him lead the way
That's what the wise old matchmaker used to say. 




copyright 2012 by Roland Trujillo  All rights reserved

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