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  I have made several short youtube video lectures and discussions about important topics. And I'm going to make more!

They are informative, easy to watch and a good way to get started.

Here is a link to my relationship video playlists

Many people love books and eBooks, so I will tell you something about mine.

My books contain special chapters just for women

"Roland, thank you so much for your book.
When I heard that you are a pastor, I hesitated to order it because I'm not into religion.  But because I wanted to learn more about why I can't stop resenting my husband so much, I went ahead and got the book. I'm so glad that I did. The advice is very practical, and the book is filled with some beautiful spirituality too. I spent over a thousand dollars to register and fly to an out of town seminar  I could have saved the thousand and got your book instead."  Suzy - San Bernardino    

"The perfect book for troubled couples with different type of problems   .  .   .
 I can assure it will be one of the better books I have ever read."    review of The Myths and Mysteries of Marriage 

Why do couples argue?
How can we put the sparkle back in our marriage?
How can we communicate better?

What is the difference between courtship and casual dating?
My wife asked me to leave.
Why are men the way we are?

Can we reconcile?

Based on over 25 years of counseling couples and answering questions on the radio. Roland tackles the tough questions with humor, discernment, and refreshing honesty. From the Garden of Eden to the 21st century, he’s got relationships covered. 

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Roland Trujillo, lecturer and author, introduces his new comprehensive look at the delights, the challenges and the mysteries of marriage. For over 25 years, Roland has been helping couples repair their relationships and move forward to optimal living. Roland is now bringing his insights, based in compassion and spiritual principles, to a new level in this unique look at the perils, pitfalls, and promises of relationships.

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Here are just some of the topics discussed

Now available in Kindle!

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Putting the Forever Back in Love - Advanced Concepts in Relationship Building

This book contains advanced concepts for coping with and resolving difficult relationship issues. 

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If you liked The Myths and Mysteries of Marriage you will love this book.  

Been married for many years and have some issues? This is the book for you. 

Based in 24 years of research and coaching, Roland Trujillo presents new insights and strategies for healing relationships and resolving stress and unhappiness. Partners, parents, couples considering marriage, and adult children of dysfunctional families will find both practical and spiritual principles to help them move forward to happiness.

Got a budget? For a donation of any amount  I will send you this 315 page book in pdf. attached to an email as a token of my appreciation.  

Forbidden Food - the Legacy of Paradise Lost and the Promise of Redemption

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Got food issues? What if the Garden of Eden is not a myth but a reality? What if the eating of forbidden food brought a curse on the human race? What if food is somehow subtly involved in our deterioration? What if food introduced a trance state in which we make mistakes and then wonder what happened? Originally entitled Recovering Health and Wholeness, now totally updated with 100 new pages, this intriguing book looks at forbidden food, the curse from the Garden of Eden, and the reality of redemption. In fact, resolving the food problem just might bring resolution to other life issues as well. 

Want it in eBook and save money too?   For a donation of any amount, receive one of Roland's relationships eBooks free as a token of our appreciation.   


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