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 "Hi, this is Roland. I have been looking at health and optimal living practices for a long time. When my son was little he had some issues, and so we began to read people like Dr. Henry Bieler, Dr. John Christopher, and Dr. Bircher Benner,  and we studied things like raw vs.cooked food.

We continued to be interested in health and healthy living, and as the years went by, we kept learning and we still are. Today I like Dr. Mercola, the Health Ranger, Dr. Weil, and Dr. Oz too.

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I have always wanted to write something about healthy practices that is simple and understandable for people. I wanted to boil down to the essence of what I have learned over the years to share with people.

I know that most people are busy, and not everyone has the luxury of the time to study, read and research like I have. Also it gets confusing and sometimes people just don't know where to look.

So I finally sat down and made my Happy Home Healthy Living Guide. I kept it simple. I put it in the form of a small 11 X 17 poster, and made it easy to understand.

But there is a lot more I want to share, so I'm now starting Roland's Household Hints and Tips. I will put a brief sentence or two in the right sidebar and then link it to here.

So just scroll down to find it.

Homemakers, moms, dads, singles, and health conscious people everywhere - As my gift, you can read and download my Happy Home Healthy Living Guide. 

It contains over 100 helpful hints about buying produce, filtering water, best types of pots and pans, and much more.

Hey, I know we are all busy. We want to eat the best and avoid iffy things, but no one has taken the time to tell you because they didn't know either. Now you can get my list and hang it up on the wall as a small poster.

Preview my Healthy Living Guide poster to hang on your wall or put on your desk!

Roland's Household Hints and Tips

Hint #1. Eat raw honey. 
Did you know that the fruit juice and the honey you buy in the store (or get in a restaurant) has been heated?  I love honey, it is one of the most remarkable substances on the planet. It contains wonderful enzymes, minerals and all kinds of wonderful things. But I refuse to buy the heated type that you find on the shelves. Who knows what high heat does to it.  I only buy raw honey (one big supermarket I go to has it all the time)

I sweeten with honey and I take it when I'm not feeling well. 

When I am at the computer for live chat early in the morning, do you know what I have in my thermos

Hot Lipton tea made with reverse osmosis filtered water (with no fluoride in it), and sweetened with raw honey!

Hint #2. Healthy food tastes good!

Hey Roland, what did you eat today?

I started the day with a few sips of filtered water with lemon juice in it.

I sat down to the computer to do some work and had 2 cups of black tea (made with filtered water) with 3 spoons of raw honey in it.
Then I had 2 slices of Trader Joe's organic wheat berry bread with butter, and a cup of Starbucks Christmas blend coffee with a little half and half in it.

When I was done at the computer, I had a bowl of oatmeal with a little brown sugar on it.

For lunch I had salad made with organic lettuce, organic tomatoes and avocado. And two bowls of home made oxtail soup. I sprinkled a little Himalayan sea salt on the salad.

For snacks I had 2 bananas and a few dates. And I drank filtered water with lemon juice in it.

For dinner I had a small organic hamburger, boiled cabbage, rice, stir fried greens, salad, and a small bowl of home made soup. I sprinkled lots of turmeric on the cabbage and also had a sprinkling of cayenne pepper. I also have a little black pepper to help the value of the curcumin in the turmeric.

After dinner I had 3 chewable papaya enzyme tablets to aid with digestion.  

Hint #3   Why you should consider switching to PTFE free cookware 

              The link is to a wonderful article written by a lady who has done the research for you. Update: The green pans that she refers to are super non stick but have no teflon. They make cooking a breeze. We have had them for over a year now and they are just as good as new.  Caution: other pots and pans may look similar but have ptfe's in them  

Get Green Pan for your family's health. Here's a tip-- they clean out very easily with a paper towel and a little baking soda and water. Amazing.  

Be careful. Many pan makers are now hiding the name teflon because they know people are wary. 

Update:  I am soooooo happy with my greenpans. I've had them for 2 years now. They are still in excellent condition. Cleaning them is a breeze too. Just use a little baking soda made into a paste and wipe with a paper towel.  

Hint #4 I use pink Himalayan sea salt, and here's why.

Hint #5 Are you magnesium deficient? I use magnesium oil on my skin. Dr. Carolyn Dean wrote the book

Hint #6  I have learned to love brown rice. It contains the bran and germ and all the nutrients.  We all know that white bread is not good for us, but white rice is the equivalent of white bread!  Read the shocking history of white rice .

Hint #7   Use olive oil for salads and low temperature cooking. Use coconut oil or butter for higher temperature cooking. Wonder why? Read the story. 

Hint #8  Buy oil in small amounts. Oil, especially when exposed to light (like on the store shelf) and air, oxidizes and starts to go rancid, with dangerous free radicals. 

Here's a great informative article and a 5 minute interview by Dr. Mercola about what oil to cook with. 

Hint #9  Microwaving alters your food. I heat my food in the oven or for smaller items in a toaster oven.

Hint #10  I love herbs. Here is a nice site I found by Susun Weed who seems to know a lot about herbs.   

There is a special place in my heart for motherwort, which along with hawthorn, probably saved my life, and so I was happy to find this wonderful post about motherwort that Susun Weed wrote

Hint #11 I try to avoid GMO. Here is a video about GMO facts,  featuring world famous neurosurgeon Dr. Russel Blaylock

I also found out that most Vitamin C comes from genetically modified corn. I found a site that shows where you can order bulk Vitamin C that is not GMO.

Hint #12  I start off each day, while I'm getting up and dressed, with a glass of clean pure water with squeezed lemon in it. (double reverse osmosis filtered water, which I buy nearby at the health food store).

Hint #13 How to save yourself if you choke alone. Watch this 2 minute life saving video  please 
 Fireman Jeff Rehman show you how to dislodge something from your throat in this short 3 minute video. It could save your life.

Hint #14   Have you ever seen a PLU number on produce beginning with an 8? I haven't either. do you know why?  PLU beginning with an 8 is for Genetically Modified Organisms. Big agra knows that no one wants to buy frankenfood. So they hide their GMO in PLU's beginning with 3 and 4.

That's right. So not only is your average produce that begins with the usual PLU number 3 or 4 grown in depleted soil and laced with pesticides. But it very well may also be genetically modified organisms.

Grow your own or buy certified organic beginning with a number 9

Hint #15  Avoid plastic containers. Especially those with BPA. But other types of pastic are iffy too.

Use ceramic, stailness steel, and glass whenever possible. For water, use glass or stainless steel. I have a glass water bottle with a cool protective covering which I got at Walgreens. For home, we have a beautiful 3 gallon glass container with a tap on it. It is designed to use for an elegant party, but we use it all the time!

Hint #16
Start using safe ecofriendly cleaning items.
Start with your dish soap.  I'm going to try Earth Friendly Dishmate. Here's a link to an excellent article about dish soap

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