Suzanne Somers New Book is a Knockout: Nutrition, Cancer, Mammograms and More

Health issues often impact our relationships. When the issue is a big one, like cancer, finding the right information is very important. We humans are a total package: mind, body and soul.
While I focus on the spiritual side of life and emotional control, I also understand the importance of health. So, when a book like this comes along, I am compelled to want to share it with everyone.
In her new book, Suzanne Somers actually interviewed leading doctors who appreciate nutrition and have been successful in fighting cancer; and she details what they had to say. She also provides lots of references and resources.

This book could be a great gift for loved ones and friends you know who are dealing with this issue.

As a free bonus, I found a fabulous interview with Suzanne and Mike Adams, the health Ranger. You just have to listen to this riveting interview.

We all love Suzanne Somers from Three's Company. Now we have even more reason to love her. Thank you. Suzanne, for your courage and commitment.

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