Divorce Advice For Moms-- Divorce and Kids, Reconciliation, and Remarriage

Divorce is tough. But with a little wisdom and grace, mom can help the kids cope and have a maximum chance of not taking emotional baggage into their marriages. As a bonus, if handled right, the aftermath of a divorce can be a positive growing and maturing process for her too. Let's take a look.
Kids generally do not like divorce. They love to see mommy and daddy together, loving each other--forever. God intended it that way. Kids, who are very perceptive, being close to God, are intuitive about such things. They basically see something wrong with divorce. It affects them deeply. It means that something is profoundly wrong and out of order. It makes them feel insecure.

I know there are spouses who are really bad persons. I understand that in some circumstances, separation or even divorce is absolutely necessary for self-protection or protection of the kids. If your spouse is a violent criminal and you are afraid, get help from the authorities.
However, in this article, I would like to focus on the more typical situation where both mom and dad (husband and wife) are decent people.

It is sad to see a divorce over little misunderstandings and selfishness when both mom and dad are good people. It would be so much better for everyone, especially the kids, if mom and dad had learned to get along better and had stayed together. But it did not happen. So let's make the best of it, learn something, and hopefully discover a bright future.
Since a divorce has happened, we have to deal with what is. Before talking about damage control, let me just go ahead and give you my opinion of what would be an awesome outcome. . . . . . . .

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