Why Do We Argue - Relationship Quiz

Relationship Quiz

Do you two argue all the time or occasionally?

Is the arguing over important issues or petty things?

Does it stay at petty level or does it escalate to global blaming?

Are you the one who clams up and says nothing, or is it your partner?

Do you wish he would take charge and be more responsible instead of saddling you with the responsibility? Or do you wish he would give you more freedom and responsibility?

Has he grown more uncommunicative as the years have gone by? Or have you? Or have both of you?

Is your relationship like your parents? Or is it the opposite of your parents?

Do you resent your partner a lot? Or a little?

The above questions are useful for diagnostics, for analyzing what is going on, and for exploring issues and finding solutions. If you wish to take the quiz and have it scored, send me an email.

They are all good questions, but one of the categories is the most important.

After 21 years of counseling, 21 years on the radio, and authoring 10 books (and 26 years of marriage), which of these questions do you think I regard as THE MOST important.

The answer may surprise you.

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If it is any consolation to you, arguing is very common in marriages. You could almost say that all the squabbling and arguing are "normal." I would venture to say that if a couple isn't arguing--something is wrong.

If there is silence, then it is usually an eerie silence, with buried resentment and hostility underneath. Or it's a marriage in name only (like some celebrities get married just to further their career). Or perhaps one person has completely capitulated and has become a repressed doormat.

Arguing is par for the course. Men and women are different and live in different worlds. Someone once said that a good marriage is a good fight. Yes, there will be arguments. But there is such a thing as a good fight . . . . . . read more

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