Why I Am Here

Hello, my name is Roland. I've been talking to people about real issues for over 20 years. My insights are based on common sense. I believe we have some of the finest posts, articles, and audio about relationships, all free, on the internet today.

I am now available for live chat, phone, and email consultation at LivePerson.

"The positive benefits of improved relationships, better communication, self esteem, and peace of mind can be yours when you learn to manage your emotions."

I'm an author, coach, and mentor, and I talk to folks about family, marriage and kids. I encourage us to be patient and more forgiving with people. I show people how to be more forgiving by letting go of the stress of resentment.

"Love really is the answer, but to find love for others, we must let go of anger and resentment."

I'm especially concerned about families. I hope to see parents and kids, and husbands and wives restored to loving relationships.

After 20 years on the radio, I'm now now available for live chat, phone, and email consultation at LivePerson 24/7 for prompt and friendly advice.

You might start by scanning a couple of my Ezine articles or checking out the blogs in the blog roll. While you're reading, you might listen to one of my Blogtalk radio programs.

You will find that I talk about relationships in terms of deep spiritual principles. You will see that these principles such as forgiveness and patience, if lived, will have very practical positive effect on your well being, your peace of mind, and your relationships.

Think about it. If you are more forgiving, you won't have conflict. If you are forgiving, you will see your loved ones with fresh eyes. They will then see that you are really listening to them instead of dredging up the past. When you have less conflict and better relationships, you will feel a lot less stress. Seeing how forgiveness really works, you will begin to have faith in what is right. One good thing leads to another.

Another thing. Most of us have heard about forgiveness, patience and so on. We know that people down through history have said that forgiveness and patience are beneficial. Our problem is that we don't know how to implement these principles in our lives. All it takes is one good bout of upset or resentment and all our noble thoughts go out the window.

That is why the cornerstone of my practice is to show people how to calm down and be still in such a way that noble principles become a part of their lives again. When stress arrives, they intuitively remember to be patient and to be more forgiving. When noble principles are brought to mind as a cogent force from within, we yield to the noble principles instead of yielding to upset.

Therefore, some of you may wish to listen to one of my Southern California radio programs for lively discussion, and find out about our meditation to help you calm down so you can see more clearly and reasonably.

Like I've always said--"it's hard to express love when you are upset and angry." But when you calm down, it's easier to be more understanding, as well as hear and grasp the insights.

Once you know where I'm coming from, if you still have a question, then let's chat, talk, or email.

It always starts free. Only after communicating with me and deciding to use my services is there a charge.

And if you can't afford the suggested charge, I'm sure we can work something out that you can be comfortable with.
Remember, all my articles, posts, and audio are free. I'm sure you'll find the answer you've been looking for, and if you still have a question or would like some feedback, I'm at LivePerson.

Your friend, Roland

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