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Again, you must be 18. No emergencies, no bedroom questions, no abuse or violence issues. Just a quick question for educational purposes. If you have a question that is more than just for educational purposes, check out my Expert Off ice at Liveperson 

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You must be 18. No counseling, just a brief answer to a quick question. No bedroom questions. No emergencies, abuse or domestic violence issues.

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Roland went to a popular fast food restaurant and saw that hotcakes cost $2.69. He decided to offer something of real value. He said "let's make chat with a pastor free, but give people a chance to do something nice for me. But let's make the voluntary donation only $2 (so it doesn't strain their budget)."
Roland also decided to make his popular relationship eBook Marriage Matters only $1.95.
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A message from Mike, Roland's Assistant

Roland Trujillo, M.S., D. Pastoral Psychology is the author of 17 books and has been helping people on the radio for over 25 years. He receives no salary and volunteers his time. He offers a free meditation to help people step back from their problems and calm down.

The two very best resources that Pastor has to offer you are the free audio archives of his fantastic radio advice program. And his unique meditation to listen to and download. Also free.

Now let's talk about the free chat! Free chat is provided to help make this the finest service of its type on the web today. Free chat is a public service being offered to the worldwide internet community. This is a friendly place.

Often just listening to Roland's lectures on relationships, depression, guilt, doubt, forgiveness and many other topics, and practicing the meditation are all that are necessary to begin some big positive changes in one's life.

You can listen to Roland's radio lectures, check out and use the meditation, read articles and read Roland's book--all free.

"Over the past 25 years, many people have listened to me on the radio and benefited from my teachings and resources without ever chatting or talking to me." Roland rarely hears from these people except when they send a note of thanks or a donation in appreciation. "So please don't just spend 3 minutes here and then just go away. Take advantage of the resources." Your friend, Roland

"We provide the finest personal pastoral counseling service on the web today"

Roland has been helping people on the radio for over 21 years. He volunteers his time and resources.He does not work for a church and he receives no salary. You, the internet visitor, are his church!

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