My Boyfriend Cheated On Me

Why is the world such a mess?
I can't even guess.

Thank goodness Roland is there.

My mom says I'm lazy,
My husband drives me crazy,
My meds make me hazy.

Thank goodness Roland is there.

My girlfriend left me and my dog just died,
When they said "no lay offs" I found out they lied.

Thank goodness Roland is there.

My rotten boyfriend cheated on me,
I'm so upset I can't find my key.
Oh woe is me!
I owe the library a 12 dollar fee.

I think I've got a mood disorder
Or is it just that my life is out of order?
I lost my cat, my meds made me fat.
Did I mention that I lost my key?

Thank goodness Roland is there.

I've been playing the lottery to try my luck,
I lost all my money down to my last buck.
Can you lend me a dollar to buy gas for my truck?
Thank goodness Roland is there

I know God is there,
He's up there somewhere.
But it's still nice to know,
That here down below,
There's someone who says
"I care."

coyright 2011 by Michael Carlos Simon


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