Love and Marriage, a Poem by Dr. Roland Trujillo

The song says love and marriage
Go together

Like a horse and carriage.

If so, why is marriage so disparaged?

A marriage of two selfish people

Will not be good

When both partners brood.

Even if the wedding was under a steeple.

But don't worry,

And don't be in a hurry.

We're all a bit selfish before we grow,

That's what lifelong learning is for.

So if you feel there is something missing,

Start by being more forgiving.

No one is perfect, least of all you.

He chose you, but you chose him too.

You knew he wasn't perfect way back then,

And now you want to start all over again?

Think a new partner will be any better?

You'll say Swiss and he'll say cheddar.

"Mirror, mirror, square or round,

Who's the fairest one in town?"

It isn't you, and you know it's true,
If you are resentful and wear a frown. "

But I'm always nice
and helpful as can be.
I'm always doing for others,

I'm busy, busy, busy."

Yes, but under all your doing,

Resentment is stewing.

When you go the extra mile,

You secretly judge others
for not appreciating you.
While on the surface you wore a smile,

Underneath your resentment grew.

To make unhappiness go away

And start feeling better today,
Roland says here's how to start--
Better to wear a smile on your heart,
than a smile on your face

For everyone in town.

Don't be like the circus clown

Who smiles but is secretly wearing a frown.

When you are smiling inside

You won't even remember why you cried.

To forgive is to forget

You're asking how to forgive, I bet.

The answer is easy:

Just remember to no longer resent

And you'll wonder where the bitterness went

When you remember to be more forgiving.

There won't be any misgiving,
And you'll give thanksgiving

For the joy you will be feeling.
No more tired and blue,
And your husband will notice it too.

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