Take the Free Compatibility Quiz and Talk to Me About the Results

Hi, this is Roland. I've been on the radio for 22 years and have written 5 books about relationships.

I've seen too many marriages ruined by resentment.

It bothers me when both partners are basically good people. Or there are kids.

So if I can help, I will.

Many people are taking one of my free quizzes.

The compatibility Quiz or

The Arguing Barometer

After they've taken the quiz and gotten the results, some people want to tell me their score and for my opinion or feedback.

So I've decided to make this option available. Take the free quiz, then click on the Liveperson button and go to my virtual office. Click to chat or send an email. Tell me you took the quiz and
want some feedback. It's that simple. The fee is low and you get answers from the convenience of your home or office and save on gas!

I look forward to hearing about you.

As a bonus, if we text chat, I'll give you link to read my book The Myths and Mysteries of Marriage free online. If you want some feedback by email, I'll attach a pdf eBook.

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