Cohabitation is Not as Harmless as You Think

Cohabitation is now viewed as the model of marriage preparation. Cohabitation is growing fast, much faster than marriage.

More children are born into cohabiting situations than to just a single mom with no man around).

A great majority of young people think that cohabitation is the smart way to wade into marriage. But the research shows that nothing will guarantee divorce like cohabitation does.

The sociologists call it "the cohabiting effect." Cohabitors have more brittle and fragile relationships that marrieds do.

Ladies need to understand that cohabitation is not taking the guy in the direction of commitment. Researchers find that the cohabiting guy who later gets married is less committed than those guys who are married from the start (and who don't live together).

Cohabitation is the relationship on the guys terms. Marriage is on the wife's terms. There is something about marriage that empowers the woman.

Now that I've got your interest, please listen to this informative interview which has information every young lady needs to know. It is based on research and it makes a powerful case for not cohabiting and not cohabiting before marriage.

Here's the introduction to the program.

Cohabitation doesn't hurt anybody. Or does it? Researcher Glenn Stanton, author of the book, "The Ring Makes all the Difference", talks about the cons of living together with the opposite sex without the benefit of marriage. Stanton talks about the impact cohabitation has on women and children.

Listen March 21, 2012 interview with Glenn Stanton, part 2.

Here is part 1 of the interview. Listen to both. I listened to part 2 first, but whichever order you listen in, both episodes are excellent, riveting, and very informative.

Here’s a concise summary of a major new study from anthropologists and economists from the US and Canada on why monogamy is increasing as a social norm in most developed nations when the very people who make a nation’s laws are men who have both the power and resources to gather many, many wives.

Their answer is sheer pragmatics. Monogamy simply makes for a better, safer society.

Sex is not the only intimacy. Cohabiting relationships are qualitatively different become the separate these intimacies out.

God says - Don't' have sex outside of marriage not just because He is mean, but because of what marriage is. Because of what the human is. Marriage is sacred. Sex is sacred. Humans are created in the image and likeness of God.

"The ring on a man's finger makes him a safer and more respectful individual than the boy friend." For example, very few fathers will abuse their children. But according to Mr. Stanton, the statistics for live in men to abuse the children is, as he put it, off the charts.

Cohabitation impacts kids negatively. Three times more children in cohabiting situations are in poverty than those living in married families (despite the fact that there are more 2 incomes when cohabiting.

"Cohabitation is a relationship on the guy's terms. (Marriage is on the woman's terms.)"

You deserve better.

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