I Want Marriage Counseling But My Husband Won't Agree

This is very common. A recent Wall Street Journal Article entitled Couples Therapy for One: to fix a marriage, some go alone says that when one partner is resisting counseling, 70% of the time it's the man.

But the good news, according to the article, which reports on a recently released long term study--when the woman goes to counseling alone, a year later most report improvement in the relationship. Women are good at learning new relationship skills and teaching the man.

The article begins with this important statement. Please take note. "Many couples in troubled marriages wait too long to get help. By the time both spouses agree to counseling, the relationship has often been strained to the breaking point."

I'm really glad that when one spouse (especially the woman) goes to counseling, there is often improvement (as long as the other side does want to improve the relationship, even though he is not going to counseling).

PLEASE watch this fantastic interview of Dr. John Gray by Lilou Mace. John is discussing his book Why Mars and Venus Collide. You'll love it. Great information for both people who are dating and people who are in a long term relationship too.

This is great information. Check out what other information Lilou Mace has and Dr. John Gray's books too.

Just don't forget to watch out for resentment. All the great information and relationship skills training that John Gray have for you won't do you any good if you are resentful. Let go of resentment and then the other stuff will be supercharged.

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