Women and Stress - Presenting John Gray the World's Top Marriage Coach - Must See Video Says Dr. Roland Trujillo

I've been helping people deal with stress for 22 years. My radio advice program has aired in California and across the country for 22 years. I take the topic of learning to cope with stress very seriously. I am also committed to helping people with relationships and have written several books on family matters. I have a Doctorate in Pastoral Psychology and am one of thew world's foremost experts on Christian Mindfulness meditation.

Therefore, you should take note if I highly recommend something other than my own books or audio.

I wish to highly recommend that you watch this video where John Gray (author of Men are from Mars, Women are From Venus) discussing stress. Why women are under more stress today and what to do about it.

If you are a man and want to understand your partner better. If you are a woman who is under stress. If you are interested in improving your relationship, please do yourself a big favor and take the time to watch this.

And while you are here, be sure to preview my book The Myths and Mysteries of Marriage and check out our services.

Your friend,

John Gray: Why Mars and Venus Collide from Book Passage on FORA.tv

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