Meditation Package for Relationship Stress

A special offer from Dr. Roland Trujillo to introduce the 5 minute meditation stress fix.

When you make a suggested donation of $10, you will receive the 5 minute stress fix meditation audio to listen to and try

and you will also receive a free bonus meditation audio and 3 eBooks as a token of our appreciation for a donation of $10 to help Roland.

Get the 5 Minute Meditation Stress Fix

and as a special bonus, you will also receive the link to the following valuable resources:

The 4 part meditation for stress and spiritual recovery, which has been helping people for over 20 years. You will receive the link to listen to and download the 4 part meditation audio to start using right away.

You will also receive the link to download or read on line the following valuable eBooks written by Dr. Roland Trujillo

The Meditation Booklet
Conquering Stress and its Symptoms
Becoming a Friend of God: Finding Peace of Mind and Confidence in an Age of Anxiety

All of these valuable resources for a suggested donation of $10

This is a special limited offer is to introduce the new powerful 5 minute meditation stress fix and also make the classic meditation and books available to everyone.

Do you get upset easily?

Do you have a problem managing certain emotions?

Do you get lost in worry? Are you confused about life and where you are going?

Are you having trouble emotionally coping with life or relationship issues?

If so, are you interested in trying a meditation that has helped some people recover balance and natural self control which is not dependent on external support?

Then may I recommend you try the meditations and also enjoy reading some of my books. When we have relationship issues, we often try to solve or change things out there, without first attending to our own well being and health. My meditations are designed to help a person calm down, get center, and most importantly, get out of worry and negative thought. When your emotional equilibrium is better, then it it easier to face external issues.

After 22 years of helping people, research and writing, I can also almost guarantee that resentment is a part of your mixture of feelings. My meditations, books and lectures all focus on resentment, its harm, and how to let go of it.

Take advantage of this special offer.

Just click on this link for more information and to get started using safe and secure Paypal.

You will be able to download the 4 part meditation right away, the booklet and the 3 valuable eBooks.

I will send you the link to the 5 minute meditation stress fix by email as soon as I learn of your donation. Thank you for helping me and congratulations on taking a step to help yourself.

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