Roland of healing Relationships is Now Available for Phone Consultation Every Day

Hi, this is Pastor Roland.  I can't always be at my computer for texting chat, but most of the day I am at my cell phone. I carry it with me all the time. So I thought "Why not be available for people to call me and get some feedback or help with their issues?"

I have partnered with Liveperson to be  available by phone confidentially and anonymously. All you have to do is visit my Liveperson virtual office and talk to me by phone.

Use your Skype too!!!

The fee is generally around a dollar a minute (but sometimes I have reduced fee specials).  Because I am experienced, fast and intuitive, I can often give you some really good feedback within just a few minutes. I also direct you to free online resources I have - like a free meditation or  a free ebook.

Think about how much money you save. No lengthy intake. No travel time or gas expenses. No delay. No paperwork to fill out. 

So if you need an answer right away, just give me a call. Of course you must be 18 and no emergencies or crises.

The call is confidential and anonymous. I do not know who you are or your phone number.

So give me a call.

Roland, what is new about this?

Answer: What is new is that I take my son to school, and then spend a few hours reading, writing, going for a walk and meditating.

I read, work on my laptop, and have lunch. I also write (I'm working on two new books--one on relationships and another on cosmology).

So I have plenty of time to talk to people on my cell phone.

I can be anywhere. I can be in the park, in my office or going for a walk. And if you need an answer right away -- I can help.

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