Read My Relationships Book Free - Yes, It's True - As a Special Gift to the Wonderful People Who Care about Relationships

 11/20/2012    This special is over. Watch for the next one.  
 In the meanwhile, look inside The Myths and Mysteries of Marriage at

Hi, this is Roland. As I was saying - as a special gift to all the wonderful people who care about relationships who visit my blog Healing Relationships, I am making my book The Myths and Mysteries of Marriage: Making Relationships Work free to preview online. The whole 315 page book!

   I can only do this for a couple of days, so take advantage now.

Why am I doing this? It is my fall gift to you. If you came to this site it is because you are looking for solutions to a relationship issue. You care about relationships. If I don't make it free then some of you, most of you, will just go on surfing from site to site. I'm like a good dutch uncle. I tell you the truth and want nothing in return. So taking a look at my book and reading some of it just might be helpful to you.

Even if you just get one insight from my book, it is worthwhile!

You can read those sections that interest you or the whole book online, but to download the book you need to buy it or go to Amazon for the paperback edition or Kindle for the eBook Kindle edition.

Your friend,

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