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Hi, it's me again Roland started his radio show in San Francisco almost 23 years ago. Every since, he has volunteered his time and effort to help people find their roots, cope with stress, and heal relationships. He is a pastor, but he does not work for a church. He is independent and helps people on the internet and on the radio.

Got a question about a relationship? Dating and courtship? Marriage? Improving communication and healing a relationship?   

Look in the right sidebar for popular posts. You can also visit Healing Relationships. Roland has dozens of blog posts, articles, tips and strategies for improving relationships. 

You have probably already guessed that this is by far Roland's most popular blog!
People come from all over the world who are having relationship and marriage issues. At his blog you will find (in the right sidebar) links to his most popular articles and posts.

You will also find how to preview free and order his popular book The Myths and Mysteries of Marriage: Making Relationships Work.

Would you like professional relationship or marriage coaching, help with coping with stress, or one on one feedback?

Visit Roland's Virtual Office at Liveperson. He's available for texting, email and phone consultation.

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