Gift Ideas for Parents - Santa Parenting Book reintroduced by Dr. Roland Trujillo

Berkeley, CA November 30, 2012 -- Dr. Roland Trujillo has written a book with innovative positive parenting alternatives to corporal punishment or the excessive use of time outs, grounding, taking away privileges and other punishments. Dr. Trujillo states that modeling behavior, mentoring, coaching and using ad hoc play therapy are more successful and helpful for both parent and child.

In this ground breaking book, Dr. Trujillo introduces innovative parenting strategies by using the power of story telling to take the reader on a fictional visit with Santa and Mrs Claus. The reader learns how Santa and Mrs. Claus handle issues that arise with a pair of youngsters who spend a few months with the Clauses.

Time outs, chores, temper tantrums, and homework are handled gently and patiently by the Clauses with very positive long term results. According to Roland Trujillo, therapists will find the book helpful in overcoming client resistance and lack of motivation. Parents, foster parents, and grand parents will find the material easier to remember and incorporate into their repertoire of good parenting practices because of the story medium used to deliver the message.

Dr. Trujillo is the author of 8 books and is tireless advocate for kids. In this, his latest book, he combines 20 years of counseling and lecturing with his story telling skills to create a new approach to handling child behavioral issues.

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