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Today's Tip of the Day

Men and women are different.

Bonus tip:

For ladies. Many men feel like they are being disrespected and emasculated, often over some little thing that she is doing. She means well and does not even realize how a man feels about it.

Men like to feel competent.  If a man can fix something, solve something, open a door for a lady, or unscrew a stuck jar lid - he feels really great.

If she rushes to open the jar or stands by him and offers better ways to do it - he feels belittled.

If he is about to open the door as they go somewhere and she opens the door for him  .  .   .   .
you get the idea.

Sooooo, ladies, without being too obvious, let him open things, solve problems and feel competent.

Men, when you get home in the evening, go ahead and relax, watch television or whatever. men need that. (ladies, sitting and watching tv or reading is something that a man's body and mind absolutely need. He is not being lazy when he comes home and needs to sit and read, watch TV or doze.. He's not  being rude or uncaring if he needs a little time to recharge his batteries. Men are wired that way ).

But then, guys,    .   .   . look for something you can help with. And ask her about her day. Just look for something you can do (yes, even washing the dishes). It's not a big deal, but it means a lot to her.  Do it because you see that it is wise. If you don't--she will be tempted to either resent you and do everything herself or start to hen peck you.

Just ask if there is something you can help with. She might say no, or she might rather do it herself, but she appreciates your asking. It means something to her. It means that you are concerned and care. Especially if she has been home with the kids all day.
And, if she has been off at the office working all day, then it is only fair that you chip in and help out.


Once in a while, suddenly announce that you are in charge of dinner this evening, especially on a day when you come home and see that she is tired.

Little things mean a lot.

Your friend,

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