How to Let a Man Feel Like a Man or How Not to Unwittingly Emasculate Him

Hello, my name is Roland. My books uncover the deepest aspects of human psychology and spirituality in relationships.  My new book Forbidden Food reveals why food has such a hold on the human race and why food is such a problem for people.

In the Myths and Mysteries of Marriage, as well as in Putting the forever Back in Love, I offer insights into fatherhood, marriage, forgiveness, solving communication problems and much more.

But I also want to offer some super basic information (which many people just don't know) so that I also help people clear up misunderstandings that are not based in deep issues, but just something very basic.

This is stuff that a grandma, mom or wise ladies with gray hair and savoir faire know, but I have discovered that today many young ladies just don't know because no one ever took the time to tell them.

I know one lady who came from a very dysfunctional home, whose mom was very disturbed, and who got all she knows about life from college classes, peers and  television.

She does not know how to be with a man. You can't learn it in college class rooms, from immature and ill informed peers, or from television.

So I will have a new tip every few days.

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