Food Issues? Read Roland's new book about the secret power of Food

 The Dark Side of Eating and the Path to Recovery

Food disorders, addiction, emotional problems, and even sickness may have a common root. This book reveals why the whole human race has food issues, and why how we eat holds the key to our spiritual and emotional recovery. Most people have issues with food. The reason is deeper than just what or how much we eat.

Food has a mysterious hold on the human race and it alters our consciousness. That is why when we start eating, we end up eating too much. Food is also connected with our ego life support. We look to food to comfort us and to give us security.

But the very food that comforts us also makes us resentful when we discover that it has enslaved us. So we have a love/hate relationship with food, and food substances, even as we have a love hate relationship with our mother and others who support our ego. The answer, of course, is love. We crave a love that food will not satisfy.

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What if the Garden of Eden is not a myth but a reality?

What if the eating of forbidden food brought a curse on the human race? What if food is somehow subtly involved in our deterioration? What if food introduced a trance state in which we make mistakes and then wonder what happened?

Originally entitled Recovering Health and Wholeness, now totally updated with 100 new pages, this intriguing book looks at forbidden food, the curse from the Garden of Eden, and the reality of redemption. In fact, resolving the food problem just might bring resolution to other life issues as well.

  Roland Trujillo is the author of 16 books and has been helping people cope with stress and emotional issues for 24 years. His radio show has aired for almost a quarter of a century. Join Roland in this exciting and mysterious journey into Forbidden Food

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