Read Marriage and Relationships Book Free - My Gift from Dr. Roland Trujillo

 Roland made his new book free to read in its entirety for 2 weeks during the holiday season. Keep checking back - he might do it again!
In the meanwhile read the first 2 chapters free at Amazon. Just scroll down for the link

Listen to Roland talking about his new book:

"Hi, everyone. This is Roland. 
Relationships can be tough. But take heart. There are answers and solutions that really work. 

This book is for couples, married or dating, as well as for professionals looking for insights to help them counsel others. You will find advanced strategies based on an understanding of the metapsychology and spirituality of relationships.  Included are carefully chosen essays and articles I have written over the years about parenting, about reconciliation, the role of father, as well as advice for single parents, for those who are dating, and for those who are divorced. 
These are designed to be instructive for couples or parents who have issues with their kids, and for parents-to-be who wish to proactively prevent poor communication from developing. This section also offers insights for adult children from dysfunction families. It should help them unpack and disentangle, in the light of understanding, what went wrong to help them find forgiveness and prevent the baggage from the past from impinging on their current relationship.''

You can find the book in paperback at

And now in Kindle too!  
Preview the Introduction and the first 2 chapters free 

Roland Trujillo, author and lecturer, has been helping couples for over 20 years. His radio advice program has aired in major markets around the country for 24 years.  His refreshing approach will open your eyes and explain some of the mysteries of mating that may have had you baffled until now.  "If you are looking for some advanced strategies for improving communication with your partner, my book will be a breath of fresh air. You might even ride off into the sunset together and live happily ever after."

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