"My Marriage is in Trouble" - Take Heart, says 25 year online marriage advisor Dr. Roland Trujillo

Read an excerpt from the preface to Dr. Roland's new book Putting the Forever Back in Love:

I am both a counselor and a spiritual care giver. I care about relationships and I also care about the spiritual side of life. The reader will find down to earth common sense relationship advice intermingled with references to God, the story of the Garden of Eden, and both Christian virtues,  and perennial philosophy principles such as forgiveness, patience, compassion and gentleness spoken of in all faith traditions. 
I say things the way I see them, and it is my hope that my forthrightness and unabashed love for God will not be an impediment, but will be a breath of fresh air and an occasion to think outside the box. 
    Adam didn't do what he know in his heart was right. Instead he listened to the suggestions of another.
Now how about today? Do we not all listen more to what others say than to our intuition? We doubt ourselves and follow experts. We are subject to the spoke word. How about you men – do you do what your wife says and walk around on egg shells, or do you do what you know is right in your heart? Is your wife in charge of everything around your place?
Adam, you see, not only became subject to the spoken word, but also to his wife. 
Ladies, do you have a weak man? Would you like him to be the noble knight that you hoped he would be when you married? Instead your support of him only made him weaker, more beastly, and spoiled. Does he look to you for support instead of standing on his own two feet? Does he go off to the bar, gambling, or another woman, and then come crawling back?
Everywhere women are suffering because of the weakness of men. Kids are suffering because their dad was not there for them. And even decent people, who seem to have happy marriages or relationships, are often secretly unhappy. He feels trapped. She feels unloved. 
There. Have I gotten your attention? Read on and you may discover the truth that sets you free from the subtle errors. 

How true it was when Henry David Thoreau said: 'Most people lead lives of quiet desperation.-
Well, take heart. It doesn't have to be that way. There are answers and solutions that really work. But like I said, you need to be willing to stop the blame game for awhile, and be willing to see where you might be erring. If so, my book and my audio lectures will be a breath of fresh air. You might even ride off into the sunset together and live happily ever after."

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