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Here is a review of my book The Myths and Mysteries of Marriage - still one of the best kept secrets when it comes to books about relationships. 

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Now here is a review of my book.

In today's world where so many marriages are ending in divorce, this book serves to help couples restore marital relations, balancing both spirituality and practicality. It is meant to inspire a renewed respect and trust in the institution of marriage. 

I found it to be helpful because it is a different approach than most marriage help books. The author asks the reader to think outside the box. Believe it or not, all the way back to the Garden of Eden. It helped me to see that all couples basically have the same issues. I think this book will help couples not take their issues so personally. 

I expected The Myths and Mysteries of Marriage to be a laundry list of do's and don'ts. Instead the book is more like a series of essays about such topics as forgiveness, reconciliation, the role of fathers, divorced moms, and how kids view divorce. I think it is a useful book for couples who have been married for awhile and have issues. I think also useful for premarital counseling. 

Many couples today are living together in relationships, which one or both hope will be a long term relationship. The author is inclusive and though he says he hopes that those in relationships will one day see the wisdom on making their arrangement formal, he definitely has a heart for all couples.  I give this book a big 5 stars!
Jean Heart, California

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