Free Relationship Counseling

How do I find an online couples counselor? Good question. Many people want information about online relationship counseling services. Or they are looking for online information about finding online help with mental or emotional problems.

I want to give you some resources, but let me just say this. Find someone with a heart, with understanding and common sense. Find someone who has some experience.

Those of us who have a really wise grandma, grandpa, dad, or a trusted senior mentor are very fortunate.

Don't overlook your dad, a wise grandma, or a seasoned mentor. Avoid people with or without degrees who don't have lots of life experience. And if someone has lots of life experience, then look for wisdom and depth.

If you know such a person, you are lucky, very lucky. Much better than total strangers.

Online advice ranges from foolish to wise, true and sincere all the way to false and deceitful, and from free to very expensive.  Believe it or not there are psychics who I wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole who charge over five dollars a minute.

Then there are some very nice and experienced people, who understand marriage, who give away much of their knowledge. For example, if you are a Christian, there is Focus on the Family, or a program called Family Life Today. You can listen to them interview knowledgeable guests on their daily radio program live of on their internet archives.  If the guest is really good and helpful, there is often a book which you might be able to check out from the library for free or read in Kindle for a few dollars. This is really good value and free or very low cost.

Look for someone who has been around for a long time.

I would begin by becoming educated and informed. Spend some time looking over some free resources about online counseling and about online therapy. Then with a little background, you will be better able to decide if online counseling is something you want to consider, and secondly who to select.

Let's start with Relationships, which is everyone's favorite topic. First some of my ideas on the subject and then resources.

It is obvious that many people have lost their way. This is especially obvious when it comes to marriages. Look into many families and you will find misunderstanding, resentment, suppressed anger, and hurt feelings. Husbands and wives argue  not in a spirited debate that produces solutions, but in selfishly immature ways, or even hurtfully and maliciously.  

Parents and kids yell at each other. Communication is poor or nonexistent. Even worse, families are breaking up and divorces are rampant.

It is clear that people need the right kind of guidance.

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