My Marriage is Over

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder"

or is it

"Beauty is in the eye of beer holder'

Please answer this short survey

A marriage's success determined by:

1. What you put into it

2. What you get out of it

3. Neither of the above

I will tell you the answer in my next blog post. The answer is surprising, even shocking.

A Girl's Autumn Reverie
by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

 We plucked a red rose, you and I
All in the summer weather;
Sweet its perfume and rare its bloom,
Enjoyed by us together.
The rose is dead, the summer fled,
And bleak winds are complaining;
We dwell apart, but in each heart
We find the thorn remaining.

We sipped a sweet wine, you and I,
All in the summer weather.
The beaded draught we lightly quaffed,
And filled the glass together.
Together we watched its rosy glow,
And saw its bubbles glitter;
Apart, alone, we only know
The lees are very bitter.

We walked in sunshine, you and I,
All in the summer weather.
The very night seemed noonday bright.
When we two were together.
I wonder why with our good-by
O'er hill and vale and meadow
There fell such shade, our paths seemed laid
Forevermore in shadow.

We dreamed a sweet dream, you and I,
All in the summer weather,
Where rose and wine and warm sunshine
Were mingled in together.
We dreamed that June was with us yet,
We woke to find December.
We dreamed that we two could forget,
We woke but to remember.

Dr. Roland Trujillo, MS, DPP, OM, is author of 18 books and has been a couples coach for over 25 years.

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