"We Fight All the Time" - a Classic Relationships Book has been Updated Just for You

Hello, everyone. Many years ago I wrote a book called My Husband and I Argue All the Time - time tested truths for healing relationships.  It became popular with people who have tried many ways to imporve their marriage but nothing seems to have worked. So such people keep searching, and some of them found my book which has some in depth answers.

A few years later, I retitled it Marriage Matters - Lessons from the Past and Hope for the Future. I've written many other books since, but I would like to make this classic available to give you the flavor of what a really thoughtful book about marriage might be like.

So here it is - I made it so that you can read virtually all the book free online.

That's right free.  Downloading it to read it anywhere costs only $2.00

Here is the link to read 90% of the book free right now online

Why do we argue? How can I be more forgiving? Does divorce affect the kids? Can I save my marriage? This long awaited book answers these questions and more. For years, listeners have thrilled to hear Roland on the radio. Now his advice for couples is crystallized in this unique look at relationships.

Roland talks about the “how” of loving, forgiving, and reconciling. He will help you understand why resentment blocks love, and how to become unblocked. Roland even explains how the ancient story of Adam and Eve is still repeated in homes today. This book is for anyone interested in relationships, why relationships get in trouble, and how to repair them.

Formerly titled My Husband & I Argue All the Time--Time Tested Truths for Healing Relationships. Whether you are a man or a woman in a relationship, whether you're ha

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