Want to Watch an Inspiring Movie that is about a Great and Inspirational Woman?

 From the desk of Roland.

I want to tell you about a lady with a great soul and who was a free spirit. Her name was Peace Pilgrim and she walked over 25,000 miles across America with a message of peace and love. She made friends everywhere and touched everyone's hearts and inspired everyone who met her.

Here's how I found out about this super lady.

A few months ago I went to the Goodwill Store on San Pablo Avenue in Oakland. I was enjoying some quiet time on a Sunday afternoon, browsing through their books, when a book leapt out and caught my attention. It was called Peace Pilgrim: her life and work in her own words. 

I bought the book and could not put it down.  I loved her integrity, her ideas, her philosophy, and her free spirit. 

I also found out that there is a website devoted to her. The movie about her is there to watch for free. 

Here is the link to the website dedicated to the life and work of this wonderful woman.

You can read the book there.  It has become a spiritual classic

Want to watch a good inspiring move?

Here is a documentary film about her life and ideas
Peace Pilgrim: an American Sage

"This is the way of peace:  Overcome evil with good,
  and falsehood with truth,  and hatred with love."

 ....Peace Pilgrim


Please reach out to others. There are plenty of thoughtful people out there. And there are plenty of others who feel just like you. Reach out and help someone and you will discover that your blues are gone. 

Roland Trujillo, pastor and author of 18 books, has been helping people for over 25 years. Visit his 24/7 Self help Resource Center at commonsensecounseling.org

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