Christian Relationship Counseling

"Where can I find Christian relationship counseling online?"

"I think this question is being asked more and more these days. Many people get a lot of information online. They shop at Amazon or get books at Barnes and Noble. They research what car to buy or where to get the best cruise prices online. So they just naturally look online when they want some advice.
But the important thing is that they find quality information. That's why I want people to be aware of Healing Relationships site, says Pastor Roland.
In fact, a good place to start is to read my article A Three Step Plan to Resolve Couples Conflict.
Then check out the dozens of articles and blogposts with helpful advice for couples. You can also preview my book online or order it in paperback. You can even contact me for pastoral counseling at LivePerson.
And we even have free chat with the pastor on Sundays!"
Pastor Roland is the original and only senior internet pastor with an earned MS and PHD who makes himself available exclusively for the internet community. He is the host of Talk to a Pastor Radio Show. Roland has been advising people about relationships, dealing with stress, and improving family communication on the air for 21 years.
Pastor Roland's credentials are third party verified at Liveperson. Roland is also a board certified professional counselor and a member of the American Psychotherapy Association.

"I've been helping people for over 20 years. I perceive that people on the internet need a real live pastor who devotes himself to helping people on the internet."

"Sure, there are some big Christian organizations with millions of dollars. They have big audiences and you can read or listen to recorded items. You can email or call and get an answer from some person.

But what some people want is a real live pastor they can actually talk to or chat to.
Some people want to talk to a pastor in confidence without the pastor knowing who you are.

Some people don't have a pastor. They don't have a church. Others are home bound and can't get out. Some people just like to do things on the internet. They like the convenience. Or they want some feedback today, not a few days from now.

For free online information, free chat, or for pastoral consultation, go to

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